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Motivational Stories| 5 Best Stories That Change Your Life

Motivational Stories| 5 Best Stories That Change Your Life

Motivational Stories

Motivation helps us in achieving the success. If you want to do something then you must be motivated. Here we are providing True Motivational Stories which will change your life and thinking. Look at the below section to read the 5 Best Motivational Stories.

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Motivational Stories

1. Never Give Up

Once a group of frogs came out to roam in a forest, they were going on that a well came on the way and two frogs fell into it.

Seeing the depths of all the rams left above, they became scared and began to speak to the fallen lads that now you will not be able to come out, but both of them ignored their point of view and tried to come out of the well.

Even after the hard work of those two females, all the rams from above were going to say that let it be that you cannot come out, the well is very deep, and one of the two rams stopped trying to listen to the talk of the above Given and went closer to death, but the other frog continued jumping on his full strength, keeping on trying.

The upper frogs were refusing to try it too, but he did not give up and made a leap that he came out of the well.

After leaving the well, everyone started asking the frog, "Did not you hear us?"
That frog said that he is deaf and he felt that my companions are encouraging me again and again.

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2. Don’t Take Stress

Once upon a time, a psychology professor was teaching principles of stress management to some students.

To give an example, he picked up a glass of water and asked most that someone here can tell me the weight of this glass of water.

The children responded with enthusiasm, the weight of this glass would be around 50-100 grams.

Professor said that you all answered the correct answer but it does not matter what the exact weight of this glass is, the difference comes from how long I keep holding this glass of water in my hand.

If I keep holding this glass for 1-2 minutes then there will not be any difference, but if I keep holding this glass for 1-2 hours then my hand will start pain, and if I do this glass 1-2 days If I keep holding till then my hands will become numb and also paralyze. And I will force you to knit the glass again and again.

This means that the weight of the glass will not change or change in any condition, the thing is just that the longer I hold this glass, the more weight it will make me feel.

3. Don’t Judge Anyone

A 24-year-old boy screamed out of the train's window and shouted to his father...
Papa, see that the whole tree is going back!

Papa smile and a couple sitting nearby saw showing kindness to the boy, so the boy screamed again...
Papa, see that all the clouds are running with us!

The couple did not live up to that old man and said, "Why do not you show it to a good doctor?"
The old man laughed and said, we are coming from the hospital right now, my boy was blind from his childhood and he has got his eye today.

4. Struggle Makes You Stronger

At one time, a man was going out somewhere from an invincible job and on the way he saw a butterfly that was trying to get out of his egg.

The man sat down and began to see the scene, the hours passed and she was struggling hard and struggling to get out of that small hole of the egg, but after some time it seemed that the butterfly trapped in the small hole of egg.

He thought to help the butterfly; he took a scissor and enlarged that small hole of the egg so that the butterfly came out easily.

After the exit of the butterfly from the egg, the person saw that his body is bloated and the feathers are dry and he thought that I wait a little while and when the butterfly spreads its wings, I will help him to fly. But nothing happened, that butterfly had to spend its entire life with bloated bodies and dry feathers.

Despite having a compassionate heart, the person could not understand that fighting the butterfly out of that egg is a way of God to bring it safe in this world.

5. Laziness Won’t Take You Anywhere

In ancient times, there lived a king, who once put a large stone in the middle of a road, and sat next to bushes to see that it removes the stone from the stone.

A lot of people came from that road but nobody removed that stone and everyone left the corner of stone. Everyone is just blaming the king, what is the king, does not clean the road, but none of them removed that stone from there.

One day a farmer was going to a basket of vegetables and saw that a large stone was lying on the way, he took down the basket of his own vegetable and removed that stone from there. If the stone was large enough, he had to work hard to remove that stone but he removed it from the big stone.

After removing the stone, the farmer was seen lying on a bag lying under the stone, which was filled with lots of gold coins, rupees-money, diamonds and jewels. After the stone was removed, the king came out and told the farmer that he had a bag full of gold and silver, diamond and jewels, which removed this stone. A lot of people passed from here but nobody removed the stone and in the end you removed this stone. This bag is yours.

Final Words:

These are some best motivational stories/ real motivational stories; we hope that this will help you in achieving your success. To get more interesting topics like Sports/ Entertainment/ Education/ Technology etc. you may bookmark this site.


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